Legal Plans for Truckers
Truckers work around the clock and spend most of their time on the road. They are no stranger to traffic tickets and disputes across borders.

However, violations or charges do not have a positive impact on the carrier’s reputation or the driver’s recruitment prospects.

What are the options available to resolve such issues?

Option 1: Hire A Lawyer By Hourly Cost.

Private lawyers are experts in their domain and adept with the local laws. However, they are expensive and come with a retainer fee.

Lawyers from neighborhoods also lack the local knowledge of a different state. For example, say you are trucker shipping items from Michigan to Ohio.

A Cleveland-based lawyer will not know the nuances of Michigan State laws.

You can seek an out-of-town lawyer through online portals, but that does not guarantee their unconditional availability or credibility in handling your case.

Option 2: Use Drivers Legal Plan.

Drivers Legal plans are like insurance schemes that take care of any legal disputes you may have as a trucking company.

You receive access to experienced attorneys across the country for a small premium in all 50 states.

The plans maintain a network of lawyers who can help you cover all sorts of drivers on and off-road issues –

  • Speeding
  • DoT violations
  • Logbook violations
  • License reinstatement
  • Failure to stop
  • Jumping a red signal
  • In-fault accidents
  • Identity theft
  • Reckless driving
  • Accident representation
  • CSA consultation
  • Property damage and Personal injury claims

Drivers’ legal plans also provide identity protection.

Truckers are the easiest targets for identity theft and fraud. As a result, legal plans realize the importance of identity protection and its consequences.

Members receive full coverage for protection and additional financial coaching to help keep things in order.

Also, spouses receive coverage and legal representation, as well.

Who pays the legal cost in legal plans?

Under the legal policies, the firm pays for the expenses incurred during the case and the lawyer’s fees.

Law firms design their legal plans as monthly low-cost, consultation-based.

Particular policies also extend to personal vehicles. For example, beyond the scope of commercial vehicles, members also receive legal assistance on personal matters at discounted rates.

You are tagged with a legal expert near you with seamless connections and customer support. In addition, you can connect remotely and allow your lawyer to appear in court on your behalf.

Affordable One Stop Solution

Legal plans help you take your case to court and come out with a dismissal or non-guilty verdict.

Basic legal plans are available for truckers, starting as low as $13.50 per month.
Many Law firms provide an option to opt for 6-month insurance at just $80 or one-year coverage at $150.

Legal plans contain all the benefits truckers need to ensure their professional driving career.

Ultimately, it is a one-stop solution to keeping a clean trucking record.

You can fill-up the form on our website and learn more about legal plans and their vast benefits.

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