Identity theft is a common crime, and millions of families suffer every year.

Commercial drivers, better known as truckers in the US, spend a considerable time on the highways and away from home.

It is no surprise they are susceptible to identity thefts, credit card frauds, and anonymous credit lines.

Javelin Research and Strategy reported in 2020 that the numbers of identity theft cases have dipped over the last years.

However, the damages from each incident have soared.

Impersonation of a person’s identity could enable access to their credit, bank accounts, professional life, etc.

  • When the perpetrator steals truckers’ identity, it jeopardizes their own life and the owner’s business. The thief can impersonate as the driver and sign on a cargo-shipping job that they will never deliver. They can also collect payments on the job, smuggle the cargo, and make profits using the authorized driver’s identity.
  • Since commercial drivers are so often on the road, they may not keep up with their credit scores and transactions. The identity thief can make purchases on their credit but bill them the amount. The driver could be unaware of all wrongdoings happening in their name and their credit card.
  • Identity thefts of commercial drivers also threaten their associated firms and owners. The aggressor may penetrate the company, its products, and warehouse, and acquire inside knowledge.

Commercial drivers need to be cautious regarding their surroundings and security numbers.

It is advisable to question any suspicious calls regarding their credit or bank statements. It is best to commit social security numbers and PIN to memory.

Without proper legal counsel and representation, identity thefts can derail driver’s careers and cost them their license and registration.

Commercial Driver Legal Plans (CDLP) render identity protection for your drivers on the road and your company.

CDLP representatives and attorneys guide you through the legal proceedings with extensive knowledge of the FMCSA regulations and their impact.

Commercial Drivers Legal Plans

Commercial drivers legal plan

Commercial drivers legal plan

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