How to expunge points off a driving record?

We all love driving, and driving gives a kick. But there must have been times when your driving caused a violation of rules.

What if we told you that you could go back in time and clean up your driving record?

In other words, what if we told you that you could clean up all or most of your past bad driving violation records? Yes, you read it right.


Here is a sneak peek into how to expunge points of a driving record.


1. The first step to cleaning up your driving record is to pull a copy of your driving record and check the violation record.

You can get this record by

  • Visit the nearest Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Check on the website.
  • Ask your auto insurer. He would provide a free copy.


2. The next step is to know how long the offenses can stay on your record. Each state has a different timeline.

For example, a severe speeding violation in Minnesota stays on your record for 15 years.

In Washington, most violations stay for five years, but alcohol violation for the drunken driving scene stays for life.


3. The third step is to check whether the violations can be cleared. Like the timeline, every state has different laws to clear a driving record.

For example Oklahoma, no matter what kind of violation you have done, it makes you wait three years to fall off your record.

However, to expunge your driving record, you must clear some prerequisites depending on your state.

For example, if you live in Maryland, the prerequisites are:

  • There should not be any other conviction for a moving violation or criminal offense involving a motor vehicle for at least three years.
  • No license suspension or revocation.
  • No conviction for DWI, DUI, or failing to remain at the scene of a crime that results in death or bodily injury.


4. The above three steps are the preparation to claim an expunge.

In other words, once you know you are eligible, the next step is to apply for the same. Then, you can take the form from the DMV.

Most of the states have different claim forms, but the standard details asked are:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Driver license number
  • Certification that you meet the requirements
  • Signature.


5. The final step is to submit the form with the required fee. Most states charge a certain amount for expungement.

The process mentioned above is for clearing the already recorded expungement. However, as the quote says, prevention is better than cure.

It is always suggested to fight your ticket in the first place before it becomes a record on your driving license.

Therefore, fight the ticket if you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Prove yourself with the help of an attorney.

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