How a lawyer helps me to get back my suspended commercial driver’s license?

Truck drivers and other professional drivers require a mandatory Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) to use their vehicle for business purposes.

It includes driving trailers and hauling trailers weighing over 10,000 pounds and buses with accommodation for at least 16 people.

A commercial vehicle driver cannot continue to operate with a suspended license.

Standard charges leading to a suspension are –

  • Exceeding the limit of cargo in weight.
  • Driving under the influence.
  • Driving while uninsured.
  • Safety regulation and traffic violations.
  • Speeding.
  • Failure to stop at weigh stations.

Disqualification duration

The duration of the disqualification of a commercial license depends on the number of violations and the period between them.

Suspensions can vary from 60 days to 120 days, depending on the courts’ verdict.

Drivers of Class A and B vehicles are liable to receive lifetime CDL suspensions. They are highly trained, and their operation involves high risk and more responsibilities.

Lifetime suspensions

Courts hand out lifetime suspensions for committing a felony, such as drug trafficking while driving a commercial vehicle.

In case you receive a lifetime suspension, you can still appeal to the court and reduce your sentence.

Courts may issue a restricted license limited to smaller commercial vehicles like school buses, tank vehicles, double trailers, etc.

If the court suspends your license, there are mechanisms to reinstate it. Here is where a lawyer may assist you.

How can a lawyer assist you?

a). Attend and win all the DMV hearings

The lawyer can build your case to show the symptoms that led to license suspension were not due to intoxication.

For instance, allergies may have made your eyes watery, or alcohol in your blood was from a medical condition.

Evidence can help tip the judgment in your favor and reinstate your license.

b). Prove the arresting officer did not follow protocol

The sobriety test must be 15 minutes long, and all the information derived has to be available to the court.

File a case against the officers in case of any rule violations or illicit evidence

c). Take and attend court directed classes.

If you cannot support your case against the charges, ensure you participate in sessions and have an updated progress report.

It helps you qualify for restricted driving permits or reduced sentences.

d). Attempt to settle a reinstatement fee with the court.

Depending on your disqualification and reinstatement request, the court may agree to return your license if the offenses deem it suitable.

Work with a lawyer to negotiate the deal.

In most cases, you will require to serve the suspension sentence ordered by the court. During the term, you are eligible to drive personal vehicles by a new application.


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