How do I take a CDL violations off my record?

Violations and tickets on your driving record reflect poorly of your track record when applying for a commercial vehicle driving job or insurance policy.

In the United States, they affect your Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL).

Minor offenses lead to a penalty, sometimes accompanied by suspension of license. You can appeal your case in court to remove the traffic violations.

If you are a professional driver, trouble on the road is almost inevitable. Hence, it helps to know the legal issues involved and how to deal with them.

Standard CDL violations that add points to your record are –

  • Over speeding.
  • Following too closely.
  • Reckless driving and lane change.
  • Driving with disqualified CDL.
  • Violating traffic signals.

Significant offenses while on duty, like committing a felony or driving under intoxication, may lead to permanent revocation, including –

  • Driving a commercial vehicle while intoxicated.
  • Fleeing a scene of an accident.
  • Fatal damages due to negligence.
  • Committing a felony while operating a commercial vehicle.

Non-moving offenses also affect your CDL if you repeat them within a stipulated period.

Depending on the nature of the violation and courts’ ruling, your suspension duration varies. It depends on the trucking company or vehicle service how they recruit drivers with points on their CDL.

You can follow the following remedies to remove CDL violations –

  • Attend defensive driving class and clear the course to dismiss any tickets.
  • Apply for a deferral period and avoid any additional violations during that time.
  • Reason with the court and explain the circumstances leading to your violation. It may reduce the suspension or relieve you of your points altogether.
  • File an appeal in court and pursue the case to reduce your penalty or dismiss the ticket.

Legal protection plans for commercial drivers(CDLP)

Legal plans are comprehensive legal solutions for commercial drivers.

Similar to insurance policies, a legal plans cover the lawyer’s fees on behalf of the driver.

They include an array of benefits –

  • Courts consider commercial drivers as driving experts and cite violations more frequently. Legal plans offer defense against citations and make a review request for an ELD issue.
  • Lawyers adept in state laws, regulations, and border rules represent drivers and resolve any cross-states matters.
  • Personal coverage for your family, in case they are in the commercial vehicle.
  • Additional coverage that includes financial management and discounts on other legal issues
  • Protection against identity theft while you are working away from home.
  • Constant assistance and hotline available for clients at any time

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