Can a CDLP help you in license reinstatement?
If you have had your Commercial Drivers’ License revoked due to traffic violations, CDLP is the ideal solution for you.

It is essential to understand that your license suspension duration depends on the nature of the violation committed.

The court passes judgment on your case, and you can appeal against the verdict under the umbrella of a CDLP.

Common offenses like traffic violations or changing lanes usually invoke a suspension for 60 days to 120 days.

However, for more severe violations like committing a felony or drunken driving, you may have a permanent cancellation of license.

CDLP Legal Protection

CDLP acts as insurance against legal issues you might face during your driving career.

For a professional driver, points and violations are not healthy for insurance claims or recruitments.

Commercial drivers Legal plan provides comprehensive coverage to you and your family if the court cites you for non-criminal moving violations. It only applies to matters arising from commercial vehicles.

CDLP is Affordable

Legal plans are available as a subscription, where you pay a low monthly fee to retain the services of lawyers and coverage.

CDLP can help you restore your license and ensure you are back on the road.

Keeping a clean record is critical for a professional driver. Hence, CDLP protects you in any necessary legal measures, settle matters like license reinstatement, claims, and keep you free from violations or traffic tickets.

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