Identity Theft

Sample Letters

To help you resolve your identity theft, we have letters for you to use.

Credit cards

First, call your credit card company to get charges reversed. If that doesn’t work, use this letter:

Debit cards

First, call your debit card company to get charges reversed. If that doesn’t work, use this letter:

All other types of accounts

If you have an FTC Identity Theft Report:

Credit bureaus must honour your request to remove fraudulent information from your credit report. This is called blocking. Once information is blocked, companies can’t report the debt or try to collect it from you.

If you do NOT have an FTC Identity Theft Report:

You can still dispute incorrect information in your credit file. It can take longer, and there’s no guarantee that the credit bureaus will remove the information.

Getting records about identity theft

By law, you can get copies of the business records relating to identity theft (like signatures, receipts, etc). Use this letter:

Dealing with Debt Collectors

If you’re being contacted about a debt you don’t owe, use this letter:

To include with your letters

Some of the sample letters include a list of items that you should include in your letter.

If needed, you can print out any of these documents to include with your letter:

Five ways to know you are a victim of Identity Theft

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