CDL lifetime disqualification reinstatement: How can a lawyer help me?
Trucks are not only a transportation mode for goods, but they are the backbone of an economy.

The supply chain relies on professional truck drivers delivering goods on time.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted a 5% increase in commercial truck drivers over the next decade.

However, business becomes tricky without a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

If you recently had your CDL disqualified and want it reinstated, maybe it’s time to hire a lawyer.


Can you reduce your suspension at all?

Before you can approach the state authorities to overturn your disqualification, consult a lawyer and determine whether it is possible or not.

Generally, a lifetime suspension indicates that you have serious charges against you and there are no mistakes in the investigation.


Moreover, you need to fulfill the following criteria to reduce your life sentence –
  • Your suspension is unrelated to human trafficking, drug felonies, or vehicular homicide,
  • Ten years have passed since your suspension,
  • You hold a personal driver’s license under your residential state,
  • Your driving record has been clean for five years immediately before the reinstatement application.

Your lawyer can assist you in the paperwork and help you fulfill any other prerequisites necessary before your application.

For instance, if you have a traffic violation or speeding ticket, they can overturn It to clean your driving record and guarantee your CDL reinstatement.


Reinstatement application

Once you clear the eligibility criteria, you can move on to appeal to the state authorities.

You will need to submit your application and a non-refundable CDL restoration fee.

The relevant documents for submission include your current driving record from the local court and a US Department of Transportation medical certification.

If a DUI charge led to your initial suspension, you must submit the latest drug test and alcohol evaluation.


Let the professionals take over.

Dealing with a CDL reinstatement requires time and questioning. Authorities tend to interrogate you, and it is natural to feel overwhelmed.

However, lawyers ensure the process does not violate your fundamental rights, and you can efficiently present yourself in front of the department.

Lawyers also act as your legal representation in court. They compile your documents and ensure you are up to speed with the deadlines.

Since you will be contesting your charges, such as a DUI, the legal proceedings may affect your future employment prospects if not appropriately handled.

Attorneys can help you defend your position and redeem your CDL while opening up opportunities.


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