Affordable Legal Coverage When You Need It.

Do not drain 100's or 1000's of dollars as an hourly cost to a lawyer.

Clean your driving record without worrying about lawyers' billable hours.

Avail best lawyers & legal services without getting a bill.

Let your Legal Plan pay your legal bills every time.

Solve Every Legal Matter - Affordably

Legal Plan Benefits

Legal plans can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Traffic Ticket Defense

Provides a local attorney immediately to represent you in the area where you received the ticket.

Driver’s License Assistance

Get legal assistance with your commercial driving license matters like reinstatement and help you get back on the road.

Moving Violations

Gives drivers the home-court advantage of having a local attorney protecting drivers with an issue in that jurisdiction.

Representation in An Accident

An attorney would represent you in an accident if you were driving legal, sober, registered, licensed, insured.

Personal Injury Collection

Assist you with personal injury claims incurred from driving, riding in, or being struck by any motor vehicle or boat.

Property Damage Collection

Receive legal assistance on property damage claims incurred due to driving, riding in, or being struck by any motor vehicle or boat.

CSA Consultation

Receive assistance to fix DAC, MVR, CSA, and traffic violation points. Legal plan assists with removing points from your score.

Logbook Violations

Get your commercial drivers' log book violation dismissed or at least reduced without any legal expenses.

Will Drafting at No Cost

Avail a will for you and your spouse at no additional cost and allows an annual update at no extra cost.

IRS/Tax Advice

Avail unlimited advice and consultation on all commercial driver's tax concerns. Get answers to all your tax questions.

Defense Against DOT and Non-Moving Violations

Equipment violations, Load spillage, No medical card, No insurance, No motor carrier authority, No placard, Hazardous material, No permit,Overheight, Overlength, Overwidth, Overweight.

When a driver runs into an issue with the DOT or an officer, Legal plan can help relate the unfair treatment to drivers and carriers.

Protection On and Off The Road

The current FMCSA regulations make it almost impossible for drivers today to survive without legal protection.

No Billing With Legal Plans

On and off the road, Legal plan helps you with any legal matter, from the trivial to the traumatic. And since dedicated law firms paid in advance, their sole focus is on serving you rather than billing you.


Worry-free drivers families all over the US

I saved thousands

I saved over thousands in just less than one year with my membership cost compared to the price I had to pay a lawyer for “one” car accident I was involved in back in 2016. Then, he charged me over $5000 to send letters and make phone calls on my behalf. I only pay less than $1 a day now for a lawyer to do that for me, plus more with my membership!

CDLP Member, South Carolina

I was able to get the ticket DISMISSED!

CDLP Program Is Instrumental In Saving CDL
Texas ticket was dismissed based upon CDLP providing an attorney for my Commercial Driver ticket after I slammed into an Emergency Vehicle in the rain and got my CDL revoked. My CDLP Attorney appealed the case to a higher court and was able to get the ticket DISMISSED!

CDLP Member, Dallas, Texas

I love my CDLP

I love my CDLP and will ALWAYS have my legal services. The Lawyers are A-Rated and know their stuff. They have been there for us for everything from my husband's license reinstatement to our wills. We will NEVER let our services go!!

CDLP Member, Rita McClain, North Carolina

Please proceed and have a nice day. :)

I had the membership for less than six months. I was pulled over for using my cell phone. I advised the officer that I used it to call for an emergency with my family. As the officer proceeded to inform me why he pulled me over and took my driver's license and registration, I remembered that I had 24/7 access to an attorney. So I called and connected with an attorney immediately. I handed the phone to the officer, who had a 5-minute conversation with my attorney. The officer then said, "please proceed and have a nice day." The attorney later called me & explained what he said to the officer. I was amazed by the service! That would have been an expensive ticket and expended a lot of my time to appear in court possibly.

CDLP Member, EA, California

On average, 95% of moving violations or DOT violations can be reduced or dismissed for drivers by Legal plans.