How a lawyer help in liquor license?
Selling liquor without an appropriate standard is unauthorized and illegal, leading to huge penalties and fines. 

You can even end up with a brief jail term if you sell liquor illegally.


Every state of the US has its liquor laws. So, you must get a license if you wish to sell liquor in a restaurant, bar, nightclub, or any convenience store.

There are different types of liquor licenses as there are a variety of beverages available; hence, the cost of the licenses also differs.


The process of obtaining a liquor license

If you want to pursue selling liquor in the various states of the US, you need to apply for a license from Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).

To obtain a liquor license in a state, you must meet all local requirements in that state  (unless Federal law preempts the state law). Most states have their license requirements and process online.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Trade and Tax Bureau list the contact information and website links for alcohol beverage authorities in the United States.


There are two types of licenses that you can use:

  • Type 41 – If you want to sell only beer and wine, you must obtain a Type 41 license, it will permit you to sell only beer and wine, and you will not be allowed to sell stiff drinks.
  • Type 47 – A type 47 license allows you to sell beverages ranging from beer, wine, and hard drinks.

Apart from obtaining the license to sell liquor, the process also involves where you want to sell them. There are specific restricted areas where you are not allowed to sell liquor.

Hence, you need to choose a site permissible by the state to sell the various types of beverages. It is a lengthy process as there is a lot of paperwork.

The cost of obtaining a license is also relatively high. The price may vary between $ 8000 to $ 50000, depending upon the situation.

However, if you serve alcohol without a proper permit, it can lead to a criminal offense, and you may end up in jail.


Take help

Since obtaining a liquor license is a long and confusing process, it is advisable to take the help of a business lawyer. He will guide you through the entire process and ensure that you comply with all the rules and regulations set by the Department.

Therefore, if you hire an experienced attorney, he will do the paperwork correctly by gathering all the necessary documents. He will also fill up the required documents, and if there are any hitches, he will ensure that everything is in order.


If you want to obtain a liquor license, you will get all the information from the ABC. 

However, it is necessary to get the help of a business lawyer as they will ensure that the process is in order.


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