The law firm takes control of all legal issues related to business and handles them on the owners’ behalf.

Hence, hiring and retaining a law firm or business lawyer for a long term package deal is ideal for a small business owner.

Establishing and nurturing small businesses in the US involves legal bindings and obligations.

Owners get overwhelmed with the legalities involved, keeping them away from running their business.

Standard legal issues every small business faces are –

  • Contract review
  • Consumer lawsuits
  • Contractor/Supplier disputes
  • Cybersecurity
  • Debt Collection
  • Document review
  • Employee confidentiality issues
  • Employee identity theft
  • Product liability
  • Tax audits, and
  • Others

Business lawyer expense is the real problem.

Small businesses usually have a workforce of fewer than 250 employees. However, it becomes difficult for the owner to prosper and protect their business.

Given the numerous cases they face, expenses also become a problem. However, reluctance to hire a business lawyer can backfire on the owners.

Without expertise in business and consumer law, companies may face bad debts, intellectual property theft, liability issues, and tax problems.

Moreover, retaining a specialist lawyer becomes burdening to business expenses.

Legal plans can be the right choice for your business.

Legal plans address all issues about business law and the legal end involved.

If you are a new firm in the market, you choose an appropriate legal plan that fits your business needs and scale.

The law firm assists you from securing your company’s name, obtaining a license, and registration to setting up the company policies.

Legal plans are a more comprehensive model covering multiple issues at reasonable rates.

You do not require scourging for consultants and lawyers on your own for each legal matter.

Business owners have positively reviewed the option of legal plans over counsel at high rates.

Legal plans cover every legal matter of your small business –

  • Consultation on business law.
  • Debt collection assistance.
  • Limited trial defense service, along with preparation.
  • Business license assistance, employee hiring, equipment lease.
  • Document and contract review, Letters, and phone calls on your behalf.
  • Patents, trademarks, copyrights, securities, intellectual property, small claims.
  • Partnership, joint ventures, international laws, immigration, and customs matters.
  • Customer complaints, vendor problems, workers’ compensation.
  • And all other business-related issues.

Business and corporate law become affordable for a large section of smaller companies due to legal plans.

Affordable and Reliable

The small business legal plans are meant for a range of clients. They also help you manage finances better and ensure you are up-to-date with your tax obligations.

The average legal plan costs around $40 per month, whereas hiring a business lawyer per case can be expensive.

Eliminate any legal disputes with small business legal plans

Legal plans give you access to experienced lawyers and law firms at a fair price. 
They are motivated to support, assist smaller business owners in being established, and eliminate any legal disputes along the way.

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When Do Startup Businesses Need to Hire a Lawyer?

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