How to get a debt lawsuit dismissed?
If you fail to pay the outstanding dues to your creditor, he may file a petition with the court to start a debt lawsuit against you. 

However, it involves a lot of time and money for the entire process. 

Hence, most collectors try to settle the debt outside the court.


However, if you receive intimation from the court regarding your outstanding dues, you can use the following guidelines to dismiss your debt lawsuit.


Thorough Check

You must check your records and determine the amount you owe and when you made the last payment.

If you have failed to pay for a certain period, then it reaches a period when it becomes illegal for the creditors to charge you.

You must also check whether your name is correct and the correct amount of debt is specified. If you find any mistake, it can be favorable for you.

You should have ample evidence to challenge your creditor and, in the process, dismiss your debt.

Since there are various processes in debt collection, it is most likely that the amount, name, or other information may be incorrect.

Hence, the fortune tables turn towards you, finally dismissing the case.


Respond on time

It is essential that as soon as you receive the lawsuit, you must respond within the given time. It is a favorable action on your part because if there is no response, the judge may rule the case against you.

Moreover, once the judge takes the decision, it will become impossible to reverse it. Hence, you should respond to the lawsuit as soon as you receive it.

You can send a copy of your answer to the creditor, and you can also hire an attorney who can guide you through the debt lawsuit process.


Debt Settlement

If you can defend yourself against the debt, you may get a favorable judgment. However, if the decision goes against you, the best solution is to settle with your creditor.

Once you assure him of a payment plan, the creditor may dismiss the case against you. Therefore, it is necessary that when you are opting for a settlement, try to negotiate it at a lower amount.

You must also ask for a reasonable period within which you will be able to settle your entire debt.

Call to action

It is essential to respond to any summons you receive, and it is a positive sign that will help the case become favorable for you. 

If you do not know how to proceed, it is advisable to take the help of a lawyer who will guide you through the entire process.


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