How long does it take for an auto accident insurance claim to be approved?
If you are claiming for an auto accident and wondering how long it will take to get your claim approved, then to be honest, there is no exact answer.


Confused???? The duration of auto accident insurance can take days, weeks, or months.

However, some states have laws that have defined the maximum number of days an insurance company can take to settle the claim. However, on average, almost every state law says an insurance company should settle the claim within 30-45 days after accepting a claim.


Having said that, within this time limit, how long it takes for an auto accident insurance depends on the severity and complexity of the accident.

In the cases mentioned below, There can be a delay in the process

  • An accident where the fault isn’t clear.
  • Multiple drivers and vehicles are involved in the accident.
  • The accident has resulted in severe injuries or long hospital stays.
  • The accident has caused significant property damage.
  • A company with a smaller claims-handling department.
  • There is a dispute about the settlement amounts.


However, in incidents wherein you claim for a towing service as your car battery is dead or your car window got smashed, these are clear cases, and the claim amount can be settled relatively quickly.

Here is a look at some states and their claim settlement duration:


State Claim decision Payout
California 40 days 30 days
Texas 15 days 5 days
Florida “Reasonable time” 20 days
New York 30 days 5 days
Pennsylvania 15 days “Promptly”


Wondering how to close your auto accident claim quickly?

Here are some pointers that will help you pace up your claim process:

  • Get your evidence right: When you file a claim, ensure that you have all the evidence to prove your claim worthy are ready. In other words, ensure to support your claim with the relevant photos, documents, concrete quotes from car repair services, and other documents from the people involved.
  • Be prompt: It is suggested that you must file the claim immediately after the accident. Once you file a claim, be available to answer the calls and emails from the insurance company. During the correspondence, ensure to have all the information asked available.
  • Follow up: As it is known that claim settlements take time, be prepared to follow up. When you see that the insurance company is taking time, keep following up and ask your insurance company to provide you with an update.


Though the steps mentioned above sound simple and easy, if you think you don’t have the time and knowledge to settle your claim, the best solution is to hire an attorney for auto accidents on board.

An attorney would take charge of the claim right from the start. The attorney would do the documentation, be the POC to answer the insurance company’s calls, and be your end’s communicator.
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