Singapore's Legal System

We usually associate Singapore with discipline, low crime rates, cleanliness, and efficiency.

Singapore has established itself as an excellent education, business, and living place.

The growth and development of Singapore are attributed to a well-sought, effective legal system in place.

Singapore’s legal system is primarily structured on colonial law, as the Constitution upholds the citizens’ fundamental rights and illustrates how the central administration works.

The country’s ideals are based on the equality of all citizens before the laws of nature.

There are stringent laws in place that address issues like jaywalking, chewing gum, littering, and public smoking.

The laws derived from court judgments constitute the common law of Singapore.

Judges’ court decisions frame significant portions of trust, property, contract, and tort law.

Some specialized courts, like Copyright Courts, resolve disputes between copyright owners and copyright materials.

Labour courts address issues among employees and employers.

In Singapore, provisions are available for settlements of lawsuits outside the courtroom through arbitration and mediation.

Singapore stands out with some different laws instated that help improves the quality of life and business opportunities.

For instance, littering can invite hefty penalties and hours of community service to clean up a designated area.

Jaywalking is strictly prohibited, and so is public smoking.

Strict rules and regulations and compliance with the law helped improve Singapore’s position as a global travel destination and leading economic model.

The rule does not discriminate against race, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc.

The Legislation is responsible for framing and enacting laws by the Singapore Parliament or other government bodies within their legislative powers.

Subsidiary legislation includes laws written and passed by government ministers, statutory boards, and other agencies.

Court judgments made by judges (or judge-made rules) are the primary source of law in the country.

These include company law, property law, trust law, etc.

Singapore’s legal system now drives the country to strive for law and order.


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