Process of name change in Singapore
You need a deed poll to change your name in Singapore. 

Authorities, such as the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), do not recognize a name change without a deed poll. 

You can change your names based on religious grounds, addition, feng shui, or any other purpose. The process remains the same, and the amount is $100 for a deed poll.


Executing a deed poll

You require a lawyer who will draft a deed poll for you. Sign the document with your lawyer as your witness. The deed poll declares your new name as official following the execution.

Here is what you need to carry to the lawyer’s office –

  • If you are over 21 years of age, you will need your NRIC passport, the NS Green IC, or Singapore Blue Identity Card.
  • For children under the age of 21, their birth certificate is essential, along with your IC or passport.
  • For non-English birth certificates, make sure you carry both the original and the certified translated copy.


Retain the original deed poll even after execution as authorities may refer to it in the future.

However, you can produce a certified real copy instead of the original when required.


Using the deed poll to change your name

Following your deed poll’s completion and execution, you need to change your name in the government documents and indent proofs.

  • NRIC – Submit a “Change IC Particulars” application online at the ICA website. Select the appropriate copy depending on your name change or for your children. Here you need to submit a digital copy of your deed poll for $60. It usually takes three working days for successful processing. Your updated NRIC will be available at the ICA building. Remember to carry your original deed poll and other mentioned document while picking it up.


  • Passport – Your passport update is also handled by the ICA. Complete the application on the ICA website for a new one.


  • Birth certificate and marriage certificate – In this regard, your deed poll cannot be used. However, if you change your child’s name before they are a year old, you can do it without a deed poll.


  • Other documents – You need to notify relevant organizations, such as your workplace, banks, school, regarding your name change. You will also have to apply for an update on your academic certifications.


You do not need a deed poll for adding your married name to the original.

The marriage certificate is sufficient proof for the ICA. The same applies to adding your Christian name to the Baptism certificate.


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