How to report unfair treatment at work?
The key to reporting workplace harassment and unfair treatment by employers is to identify the act of violation or abuse and document it as best as possible. 

They are against employee rights and tarnish a healthy working environment. You can file a lawsuit in case of a breach of law at your workplace. 

Otherwise, there are other mechanisms to resolve your case and seek due compensation.

Unfair treatments include, but are not limited to, discrimination based on gender, race, religion, disability, or age.

Social crimes and mistreatment affect the hiring process and professional career at the organization.

The US Law mandates all companies to incorporate policies to protect employees’ civil rights and promote a productive work culture.

Methods to report unfair treatment

You can file a claim and hold your employer accountable for unfair treatment through different methods –

1. Breach of contract:

You and your employer sign the terms of service before starting your association.

It includes details regarding salary, benefits, duration, and termination.

In case the employer does not comply with the agreement, you can file a claim for violation of terms or the unlawful termination of the contract.

2. Whistleblower:

You may come across an act of violation or criminal proceeding committed by your employer.

Your employment rights ensure you can expose the case without jeopardizing your safety or workplace status.

You can assist in the investigations anonymously if you please.

3. Wages:

The Federal Fair Labor Standard Act regulates wages in the US.

It ensures minimum wages are the same across the country for people from any culture, race, or gender.

In case you are exploited and underpaid by your employers, file a claim against them.


State laws

States also have their own local or tribal employment rights office.

These legal frameworks protect workers in smaller businesses against exploitation or discrimination.

State laws also extend provisions to nursing mothers, by federal law.

Make sure you know your rights as an employee and understand the company policies clearly.

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