How to handle property disputes with seller in Singapore?
For closing the purchase of any new property, ensure that you plan and document all agreements in the paper. 

Verbal agreements are circumstantial and may not hold up in court.

If you have adequate evidence regarding the expenses you made, the court order will rule in your favor. You may proceed with the purchase or issue a refund request.


Singapore is an established economy, and real estate is a bustling scene in the country. Real estate law is stringent, and any legally binding contracts are ultimate.

Transactions involving private property start with signing a contract. An initial deposit generally follows it.

Once the owner or the attorney hands over the keys, you can move into your new space. Fulfill the balance amount on completion of the entire purchase.

Your Options To Handle Property Disputes

Singapore offers two purchase options to buyers – either from the developers directly or the seller of an owned property.

Given that you are dealing directly with the seller, your case requires proper documentation. You can obtain a court order proving you have made deposits in the owner’s name and paid for maintenance before completing the purchase.

The amount lent initially is your deposit.

Property disputes is a continual process with legal disagreements and conflicts all over it.

1. You can retain legal counsel

You can retain legal counsel to assist you in framing documents and filing a lawsuit.

The process of purchasing property requires two parties to agree to the terms legally.

Hence, for a favorable verdict, you will need to produce receipts and bank statements proving your involvement in the maintenance job.

If you have not signed any contract and paid the amount in cash, your case becomes complicated and challenging to prove in court.

However, with the proper receipt and agreements, you have substantial evidence to produce in court and gain the confidence of the judge.

2. You can consider mediation sessions

Alternatively, you can consider mediation sessions. They ensure the whole process moves ahead more amicably and affordably.

Settlements outside the court are more straightforward for both parties and do not result in massive expenditures.

If the seller refuses to comply with the purchase agreement, they are liable to refund the amount in your favor.

Also if the court finds the seller guilty of withholding the agreement, they can mandate repayment of your deposit in a stipulated time. If the terms favor, you may also receive the amount with interest.

Considering the financial conditions and circumstances of the seller, the judge may offer repayment schemes and benefits if the seller is eligible.

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