How much does a credit repair lawyer cost?

Paying your credit card bills on time is an excellent way to keep up your credit score. However, there may be instances that you cannot bear them, and the dues start piling up.

Creditors begin to make harassment calls without caring about your unfortunate condition.

Moreover, your credit report also gets a hit if you cannot pay your dues on time. It will take months and sometimes years to repair your credit report.

Hence, it becomes your prime goal to remove the negativities from your credit report during these situations. However, since it is a complex process, you need the services of a credit repair lawyer.

Service charges of a credit repair lawyer

When you hire a credit repair lawyer, you must pay him the service charges. The charges vary according to the case that usually depends on

  • The scope of work.
  • Your debt amounts.
  • The complexity of the case.

Therefore, your credit repair lawyer can charge you the following fee structure depending on the case.


Following are the various negotiations by a credit repair lawyer.


  • He may charge you on an hourly basis:

Usually, the hourly rate of a credit repair lawyer depends on various factors, and it can be according to the lawyer’s experience and your place of residence.

A credit repair lawyer may charge you $125 to $350 per hour.



  • A flat fee depending upon the case:

Your credit repair lawyer may charge a flat fee depending on the number of creditors. The lawyer may charge a flat fee to come to a settlement with all your creditors in one go. Usually, the charges are around $500, depending on the case.



  • The credit lawyer may charge you according to the amount of debt:

For example, the credit repair lawyer may charge you more if you have high debt. During such instances, the lawyer’s fee depends on a certain percentage of the debt.



  • The fee may also depend on the amount of settlement:

For example, the price depends on your savings if your credit repair lawyer goes for a settlement with the creditors.

Hence, the higher you save on the bills after coming to a payment, the higher the fees of the credit repair lawyer.



  • Other factors

There may be some instances when the charges of the credit repair lawyer are higher. However, it happens only when a creditor files a lawsuit or obtains a judgment against you.


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