How can a legal service plan help you?
The cost of hiring an attorney for complete legal care is often highly-priced. In this situation, a legal service plan is one of the best solutions for some people. 

It requires paying for an annual/monthly membership so that you can access legal services.


The legal service plan provides legal services for essential legal matters, such as wills, property transfers, adoptions, family, child custody and even disputes between landlord and tenant.

The main benefit of a legal plan is unlimited legal advice and unlimited phone access to an attorney and a dedicated law firm in all 50 states; it means you need not visit the office for every concern.

Legal service plans also provide legal representation in some cases, like child custody, criminal matters, having family trusts, and partnerships.

Access Legal Service Plan

It is the least costly legal service plan that enables you to access a lawyer for simple access and essential legal services.

For example, a lawyer may help you in preparing a simple will or preparation of other legal documents like filling divorce, child custody or claims.


Comprehensive Legal Service Plan

This legal service plan allows you to access a wide range of legal services. It generally includes the legal matters that take too much time and effort of the lawyer.

For example, getting the papers for the sale of a business is not covered in the access legal service plan, but it is available in the comprehensive plan.


How does it help employees?

The legal service plans give employees peace of mind when they know that they can have access toa quality lawyer and can take his guidance for legal matters.

They have the choice to choose a lawyer from a network and can resolve the legal concerns quickly and affordably.  Though they can work with a lawyer via phone or email, a lawyer also appears in court on behalf of them.

A flat monthly fee covers these plans. Typically, the payments made through payroll deductions. Also, it does not include any deductibles or usage limits.

Legal service plans deliver more affordable and approachable solutions to the legal matters of the employees or consumers.


Your Call To Action

If you want to take the benefits of the legal service plan, submit the given form, and discuss your legal concern with a legal representative to find the right solution.


What is a legal coverage company?

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