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Both living trusts and wills are useful estate planning tools


The cost for an attorney to draft a living trust varies between

$1,000 to $1,500 for individuals


$1,200 to $2,500 for married couples

You must decide

"Do you want to dish out that kind of money?"

"When a legal services plan can provide you wills and trusts in less than $1 per day"

Legal plans costs less than $1 per day

Understand the VALUE of legal plans

You are not receiving just a Will.

Trade one hour with a lawyer for 1 year with legal plans.


At the same cost avail, worry-free legal protection around the year.

A whole bunch of legal services you can avail of.

Decide Yourself.

What Legal Plans Covers?

Anything viewed as a legal matter; you have access to the law firm.

Any pre-existing legal issue

Legal advise, consultation, representation and protection.

Civil lawsuit

File civil suits, discrimination, harassment, defamation, property damage, fraud etc.

Power of attorney

Healthcare poa, durable poa. Get legal advice on choosing a healthcare agent.

Wills & trusts writing service

Draft and avail best legal advice. Get free updates to your living will every year.

Document Review & Preparation

Prepare and review your Contract/Documents. Legal letter/calls made on your behalf.

Speeding Tickets

Send your ticket info directly to your lawyer/law firm through legal plans app and get it covered.

Collections & Warranties

Get rid of debt collector harassment/calls, collection notices, repossession, garnishment, warranty breach.

Family Law

Divorce, alimony, adoption, visitation, father's right, name change, prenupital agreement.

Small claims assistance

File the right paperwork, experts guidance for individuals and small businesses.

Small business legal assistance

Unlimited legal consultation/correspondence, debt collection, contract/document review.

Landlord & Tenant Agreements

Disputes, rental issues, renter rights, eviction, property matters.

Auto accident

Personal injury, wrongful death, property destruction, insurance claim.

Commercial driver legal protection

Accident Representation, License Reinstatement, Moving Violations, Other Transportation Related Legal Work.


Document preparation, legal advice, deeds, loan modificatioin and foreclosure.

Identity theft issues

Identity restoration, Identity theft advisor, Credit monitoring, Identity alert system.

Benefits of legal plans

Legal plans can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Legal plan covers the attorney fees for a broad range of the most frequently needed legal services.

Wondering how a legal plan is better than a local attorney?

There are countless reasons.

Consultation on unlimited matters, unlimited minutes.

Will your local attorney give you?

Covers family members.

Does your local attorney cover family members in same fees?

24/7/365 Emergency access to a law firm near you.

Is your local attorney available 24hrs for you?

Prepare your will by paying only $25-$49 per month with yearly updates at no extra cost.

Will your attorney prepare wills and give you free yearly updates at on extra cost?

Get up to 50 hours of a Tax's attorney's time.

Is your attorney a qualified tax attorney?

Your auto insurance does not cover vehicular manslaughter or negligent homicide. Legal plans have you covered.

Will your attorney represent you in court at no cost? And Is he a qualified trial defense attorney?

Get up to 25% OFF of an attorney's fees on filing bankruptcy, suing someone, DUI or any other action not covered.

Is your local attorney qualified to handle all legal matters and does he give discounts?


Worry-free families all over the US

We have loved using this service for our business and we also have the family coverage. They helped us in our IRS tax audit and our attorney was the best, he was extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly what we needed to do, we passed with flying colors. We call all the time to get advice on all sorts of things. Got our wills done and updated every few years. Great service.

Joanne Elizabeth, Orange, CA

My son and I have had a legal membership for over 10 years. Utilizing the law firm on several occasions. The most important feature was Brett's Will and living will with the power of attorney for health and financial. He died unexpectedly. The hospital was going to force life support without these documents. He was able to pass on with dignity and peace. Forever grateful.

Patricia, VA

My wife and I recently had our wills, living wills and powers of attorney prepared by the Legal Plan attorneys. Not only was it done professionally, but they followed up with us twice to make sure everything met our expectations. We paid NO additional fees, it was included in our monthly membership cost of $25. Thoroughly satisfied and went far beyond our expectations!

Jae, Cortez, FL

As part of my membership, my husband and I had our wills done.
They were not just boiler plate wills, but
we needed special wording to suit our family needs.
These wills can be updated each year.
There is no extra cost as they are included in our membership fee.
We could not be more pleased.

Helen, WI

They helped me with advice on numerous occasions. my brother and I had a question about Wills and Trusts. It was virtually the same question about his status and we are both members, he was given a referral lawyer. He answered all questions. We were very satisfied. I'll never give up my membership. I've been a member for over a decade so you can imagine there are many more stories I could share - from family matters, accidents, to documents and more.

Jilian, AZ

Every time I call Legal Plan, I get advice that is otherwise not available. There is no lawyer who wants to give advice for a fee and the advice and services are completely priceless. With Legal Plan, I can call about any issue and have an attorney call me back in 4 business hours or less. Incredible! While most of the reviews are positive, I am always curious about the bad ones. How could anyone have a bad review? It is clear that almost every bad review is because someone didnt explain the services properly. When people feel misled, they make a complaint. For me, the membership has helped me so many times I couldnt imagine not having my Legal Plan membership.

A.j, CA


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