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A traffic ticket violation can happen to anyone at any time.

Specially Speeding Tickets

Depending on where you live and how fast you are going, they can cost you a lot of money. There is another dark side of paying the ticket; It increases your car insurance premiums.

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Trade one hour with a lawyer for 1 year with legal plan.

Don't waste your hard earned money on lawyers expensive hourly fees every time you receive a ticket. A legal plan membership gives you access to a vast network of attorneys and law firms all over 50 states and 4 Canadian provinces.

You hold access to attorneys that can discuss your traffic ticket and the options available to you. Traffic ticket defense, including trial and representation, is covered in full under the legal plan.


Legal Plans App: lets you take a snapshot of your traffic ticket with your smartphone and send it directly to your provider law firm.

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Worry-free families all over the US

I immediately called my law firm and they shot a letter out to the person who hit me. ( I had his personal address because I took pics of his insurance & registration). 7 days later the insurance called back letting me know they had talked to the insured and were paying for everything including my rental.

Legal Services Consumer, Arizona

She finally decided to get Legal plan without hesitation, and she sent in the Ticket via APP, and when she got in touch with the Lawfirm they advised her the ticket would add 3 points to her license and her insurance rate would go up 45% ($45 for every $100). The provider attorney also informed her he would drop down the charge, and she’d receive no Points or hit on her insurance for no cost.

Legal Services Consumer, North Carolina

I was notified that i got traffic ticket in New York , and i live in Michigan and was never in New York . ID Shield contacted me and Legal Shield hired a law firm . In about 10 days i was notified that the Law Firm had all issues related to the ticket were dropped - and i never had to leave home . My wife medical issues were the same. ID Shield hired a fraud investigation team and they fixed all medical discrepancies . All this under low monthly fees. I love the company.

Chet McFadden, Michigan

Its a huge comfort knowing I can call my provider lawyer and ask without worrying about the cost each time I call.

Legal Services Consumer, Indiana

What Legal Plans Covers?

Legal protection plans improves and protects your LIFE.

Any pre-existing legal issue

Legal advise, consultation, representation and protection.

Civil lawsuit attorney

File civil suits, discrimination, harassment, defamation, property damage, fraud etc.

Power of attorney

Healthcare poa, durable poa. Get legal advice on choosing a healthcare agent.

Wills & trusts writing service

Best legal advice, free document reveiws and even get free updates to your living will every year.

Document Review & Preparation

Contract/Documents reviewed, Letter/Calls made on your behalf.

Speeding Tickets

Submit your ticket info directly to your lawyer/law firm.

Collections & Warranties

Debt collector harassment/calls, collection notices, repossession, garnishment, warranty breach.

Family Law

Divorce, alimony, adoption, visitation, father's right, name change, prenupital agreement.

Small claims assistance

File the right paperwork, experts guidance for individuals and small businesses.

Small business legal assistance

Unlimited legal consultation/correspondence, debt collection, contract/document review.

Landlord & Tenant Agreements

Disputes, rental issues, renter rights, eviction, property matters.

Auto accident

Personal injury, wrongful death, property destruction, insurance claim.

Commerical driver legal plans

Accident Representation, License Reinstatement, Moving Violations, Other Transportation Related Legal Work.


Document preparation and legal advice, deeds, loan modificatioin, foreclosure.

Identity theft issues

Identity restoration, Identity theft advisor, Credit monitoring, Identity alert system.

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Prepare your will by paying only $25-$49 per month with yearly updates at no extra cost.

Will your attorney prepare wills and give you free yearly updates at on extra cost?

Get up to 50 hours of a Tax's attorney's time.

Is your attorney a qualified tax attorney?

Your auto insurance does not cover vehicular manslaughter or negligent homicide. Legal plans have you covered.

Will your attorney represent you in court at no cost? And Is he a qualified trial defense attorney?

Get up to 25% OFF of an attorney's fees on filing bankruptcy, suing someone, DUI or any other action not covered.

Is your local attorney qualified to handle all legal matters and does he give discounts?

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