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Legal advice and assistance for your startup, incorporation & joint ventures.

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Legal research, consultation and support for business license & crowdfunding.

Drafting & reviewing your business legal letters & contracts.

Drafting purchase agreements, collection & demand letters.

Legal Help with your IRS audit & federal tax returns.

Advising Patents, trademarks, copyrights & intellectual property.

Leading International law, antitrust, immigration & customs matters.

Legal considerations while employee hiring & compensation.

Representation of Trial defense services and litigations.

Assist with vendor problems & creditor harassment.

Guidance and assistance with PPP loan.

Business insurance & claims.

Business regulations & compliance.

Business permits.

Debt collection help, and more...

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Small businesses are dealing with unimaginable difficulties and questions due to the COVID19 pandemic. Get help from a reputable attorney to ensure that your business overcomes these challenges.
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I used small business legal plans many times.

I have been an associate since 1997 and have used small business legal plans many times. I am getting legal advice promptly, getting a new will every year at no charge. I am well pleased with collecting past due accounts for my business and many other issues.

Ulmer, Georgia

I highly recommend it.

I highly recommend that every family and small business surround themselves with this wonderful protection. We have identity theft and small business legal protection because we get around-the-clock monitoring and complete restoration for all employees.

Richard, Texas

Ensure legal protection

We own rental properties in different states and do much business outside our home state. We've used the contract forms available on the website to download, complete them, had an attorney from our provider law firm (who specializes in that area of law), and used the contract seamlessly without worrying that we were not fully protected. In addition, we have attorneys in other states to ensure legal protection with our properties and the business we conduct outside our home state!

Melissa, Ohio

The following Saturday, I received payment.

I am a small business owner and had a problem collecting from clients. I had written two collection letters with no response from the accounts payable department. Finally, when we reached 90 days in arrears, I called my law firm. The attorney wrote a letter to my client and mailed it on a Monday. The following Saturday, I received payment in full for the two open invoices. It isn't easy to express the relief I felt on that Saturday.

Desn, Texas