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More than 150 million Social Insurance Numbers compromise and 14 million credit card numbers exposed every year.

Identity theft is a growing concern for all of us.

If you are fighting with identity theft, it is time to know how Identity theft protection plans can bail you out.

ID Theft Plans can help you prevent identity theft

Plans can protect you with many safeguards so that your identity is not stolen.

They help you to get instant notifications if any fraudulent activities are being made with your identity and inform the concerned authorities.

Identity theft is doubling every year.

Almost 1 in five people are becoming prey to identity theft.

In the year 2017, people lost 11.7 million dollars, but it jumped to 21.7 million dollars in 2018.

Services of Identity Theft Protection Plans

Credit Score Tracking

Identity theft plans monitors your credit scores without letting them drive you crazy.

IRS/Tax Fraud

Stop fraudsters using your personal information to file a fraudulent tax return or claim tax benefits.

Internet Monitoring

Looks for matches of Social Security Number, credit card numbers (up to 10) and bank accounts (up to 10).

Lost Wallet Protection

Assists when canceling your credit cards.

Passport, Driver's License Information Stolen

Monitors your passport, driver's license information is being used in unauthorized ways.

Minor ID Theft

Allow parents/ guardians to monitor for potentially fraudulent activity associated with their child’s SSN.

Medical ID Theft

Stop fraudsters to steals your personal information and uses it to obtain medical services, treatment or drugs.

Employment Fraud

Protect yourself when someone uses your SSN on work application, to apply illegal immigration, collect wages, or collecting disability.

Email ID Theft

If your mail is stolen, a thief can retrieve your financial account information to make purchases or open up new credit cards.

Criminal ID Theft

Detects any criminal activity that may be associated with your personal information, alerting you of the signs of potential criminal identity theft.

Deceased ID Theft

Deceased personal information used to commit fraudulent acts such as tax refund fraud, medical id theft, driver's license id theft, credit card fraud.

Utilities Fraud

Utility fraud is when a person fraudulently uses someone else’s name or identity to order water, gas, cable or other types of services.

New Account Opened

Deter thieves from opening accounts in your name. Get the fraudulent accounts removed from your credit reports.

Change of Address

Keeps track of your mailing address and alerts when a change of address is requested.


ID Theft plans can protect your money and privacy.


Worry-free families all over the US

Option for monitoring with all three credit bureaus

Recently, I received an email inviting me to "re"activate my ENHANCED Identity Theft protection, ID Plan. Curious, I called my agent to know what was going on. She told me that company is now using a different platform to keep up with the need for better monitoring. She then mentioned that each individual member has its own unique encryption code. It means that they don't have a database that could be breached like all the others... Needless to say, I went ahead and REactivated my Identity theft plan and even added their option for monitoring with all three credit bureaus.

Michele, Washington

Five separate identity theft incidents

We've had Identity Theft Plan for 13+ years.
During this time there have been numerous times every year where a situation arose when we'd ask ourselves, is that legal?
What rights do we have in this?
How legal is it that they are trying to do? No worries or expensive consultation fees. Our membership covered the cost for top legal advice. Five separate identity theft incidents have occurred with no worry because that part of membership covered it. Wouldn't be without the plans.

John, Utah

ID Plan has 24/7 access for emergencies

We have the ID Plan Membership and found that our mailbox had been broken into on a Saturday morning. We had put envelopes in to be mailed and the mail person had not come to the house yet. Knowing that there was a check in one of the envelopes with all of our bank information, we were very concerned. Because the ID Plan has 24/7 access for emergencies, we were able to call in on that Saturday morning, consult with a identity theft specialist and had safety measures put in place to protect our bank account and other exposures we were not even aware of. It was great that we had someone that we could call without waiting for regular business hours, get advice and protection put in place and breathe easier.

Robert, Washington

Identity Theft Plan provides my entire family protection

I have been a member since 2006. First thing I did was get our Wills done. Over the years I have relied on the service to assist me with legal issues that had came up. Also the Identity Theft Plan provides my entire family protection. The peace of mind it provides us is wonderful.

Brian, California

Protect Your Identity

A victim of identity theft could face any number of issues such as lost job opportunities, problems getting a loan, issues over unreported income, harassment from debt collectors,
or even face arrest for crimes the identity thief committed.