Group benefits plan to fit all employees.

Starting at just $14.95 per employee.

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How Will You Get A Happier Workforce With The Ultimate Productivity Hack?

"Establish Healthy Work Environment With Excellent Group Benefits Plan Packages."

Whether the newest startup or the large organization, it is essential to offer benefits to your employees.

Boost recruitment, Retain top talent, and Show them that you care are great tricks to be on the top in your industry.

Give your employees several reasons to make them stick around your small business.

The affordable way for your employee’s health, insurance, finance, family and legal wellness.

Employer Benefits

Setting up benefits for your employees help you unlock competitive advantage and kick off your business goals.

Cost Less

Enable employers to meet the varied needs of the employees without spending a vast amount of dollars. Employers can customize their legal plans to meet particular needs.

Attract Top Talent

The appealing legal benefits can help a business to attract and retain the best and in-demand employees.

Improve Corporate Image

More clients and customers want to build a relationship with a company with strong values and have productive employees to support them at each phase of their offered services.

Peace of Mind

When employees deal with legal issues, it affects their work time, job performance, attendance, and healthcare cost. The legal benefit plan eliminates these concerns and gives peace of mind.

Improve Productivity

The appealing legal benefits can help a business to attract and retain the best and in-demand employees.

Lower Absenteeism

The employers will experience lower absenteeism rates when a professional attorney handles the legal matters of the employees. It results in less wasted time at work.

Higher Retention

Offering legal benefits plans to the employees notes them more productive. It encourages them to be a part of the company for long years to come.

Improves ROI

The legal benefits help a business enhance employees’ productivity and reduce absenteeism; this, in turn, works effectively to bring profits and improve the business return of investment.

Lower Labor Costs

When employees tend to stick with the company longer, it reduces expenses related to employee replacement, unprepared absences, and unemployment compensation costs.

1.7 Million Members, Covers All 50 States.

Affordably priced, The combination of legal and identity theft protection plans are a benefit that pays dividends.

Employee Benefits

Benefits that help employees improve their job performance and increase employer ROI.

Fact Sheet

Employees who are unsatisfied with their benefits are much more
likely to look for a new job.


Offers help when it is most needed.

Group Benefits Program clearly demonstrates our care and concern for our employees and offers them help when it is most needed. It is invaluable to both the employer and employee!

Employer, Chery, Texas

This is an amazing benefit.

I appreciate being heard and being a part of my plan and growth. Knowing I can access someone through is so helpful. This is an amazing benefit.

Employee, Indiana

A tool to address issues.

OCSEA provides an benefits to their employees as a tool to address issues they may have, related to family and work. We also take advantage of the webinars and web based resources, provided by package.

Sharon, Ohio

A benefit to our employees.

Having Comprehensive legal and identity protection as a benefit to our employees, is a true gift. Having resources that help employees allows our company the opportunity to show we care about their health and well-being.

Employer, Jaffrey, Indiana