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Improve financial & health wellness with Employee assistance plans(EAPs)

EAPs are employee benefit programs intended to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their job performance.

EAPs also takes the stress and strain of legal and identity theft issues off employees’ shoulders and puts their focus back at work, where it belongs.

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1.7 Million Members, Covers All 50 States.

EAPs help employees improve financial wellness by giving them year-round access to legal services and identity theft protection.

Employee Benefits

EAPs are intended to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their job performance.

Employer Benefits

Offering an EAP as a fringe benefit can help increase your competitiveness as an employer, and it’s not costly or complicated to set up.

Increased productivity

Workers with depressive signs are more likely to be away due to illness or accidents, and even when they are at work, they can be checked out (a phenomenon is known as presenteeism). EAPs can give these workers the help they need so they can be back at full productivity.

Reduce absenteeism

With more and more legal and identity theft situations arising every day, it can be difficult for employees to handle the amount of paperwork, phone calls and money required to resolve an issue without cutting into work time. EAPs make it opposite.

Greater Retention

Eighty-six percent of employees now believe a company’s culture should support mental wellness. It’s a make-or-break issue for many, especially younger workers. An EAP is a signal that you’re listening and that you care, which—in turn—can aid recruiting and retention efforts.

Lower insurance costs

Just as employer-sponsored biometric screenings can detect early signs of disease, EAPs can also catch the beginnings of more significant matters that would have cost you a lot more down the line.

Lightening the burden for managers

Managers aren’t necessarily equipped with the skills to help their employees in the case of something traumatic, like a family's death. Implementing an EAP can give your managers a resource to rely on in stressful situations.


Offers help when it is most needed.

Employee Assistance Program clearly demonstrates our care and concern for our employees and offers them help when it is most needed. It is invaluable to both the employer and employee!

Employer, Chery, Texas

This is an amazing benefit.

I appreciate being heard and being a part of my plan and growth. Knowing I can access someone through EAP is so helpful. This is an amazing benefit.

Employee, Indiana

A tool to address issues.

OCSEA provides an EAP to their employees as a tool to address issues they may have, related to family and work. We also take advantage of the webinars and web based resources, provided by EAP.

Sharon, Ohio

A benefit to our employees.

Having Comprehensive EAP as a benefit to our employees, is a true gift. Having resources that help employees allows our company the opportunity to show we care about their health and well-being.

Employer, Jaffrey, Indiana

EAPs Empower Individuals In Their Personal & Professional Lives.