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What do legal services credit repair solutions cover?

Real Estate

A leading motive is to fetch new opportunities for clients to achieve good ROI.


Expel the hassles of collection notice, Garnishment, Debt collector calls.

Credit Monitoring

Want to monitor your credit? Yes, legal plans can do it efficiently!

Litigation Support Services

Get superior guidance in various litigation support services.

Contract Management Services

Legal plans include the entire life cycle of a contract, starting from drafting, editing, and reviewing.

Paralegal Support Services

Professionally accomplish the day-to-day requirements of law organizations.

Legal Research and Drafting

Quickly research, draft, and submit any legal forms with an easy-to-access mobile app.

Document Review Services

Let legal plans curtail your burden of complicated document review tasks.

Personal Injury Legal Services

Legal plans in-house attorneys are the real-time solutions for your injury issues.

General Advice and Consultation

Unlimited consultation over the phone.

Preparation and Review of Routine Legal Documents

Get an infinite review of various routine legal documents.

Wills and Estate Matters

Get free will drafting and periodic updates after availing of legal plan solutions.

Review your Credit

Monthly review your credit reports and fix your low credit score due to charge-offs, tax liens, and bankruptcies.

Negotiating with Creditors

The legal plan is here for marking flaws and negotiating with clients to expel derogatory points.

CROA Requirements

Get a quickly written contract that illustrates those legal rights.

Why a legal plan is a better choice?

Legal plan vs. Lawyer

Services Legal Plan Lawyer Services
Consultation on unlimited matters, unlimited minutes.

Covers family members at no extra cost.

24/7/365 Emergency access to a law firm near you.

Prepare your Will with yearly updates at no extra cost.

Get up to 50 hours of a Tax attorney`s time.

Covers vehicular manslaughter or negligent homicide.

The perks can help you save enough to pay for your legal plan membership for years.

A mobile app provides instant access to various free legal forms for families and small businesses.

Get up to 25% OFF of an attorney`s fees on any other action not covered.


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Very helpful and very nice

Gloria Houghton was very helpful and very friendly, and When I contact her, she's very Advising to me. She helps me out when I call her or text. Thank you

Bernard Shrewsbury, OH

Very pleased with the outcome of one major life issue.

Very pleased with the outcome of one major life issue. I don't know how to thank you enough. Might I ever need this service again, I will do that and reference for anyone in need. Thank you Blessings

Melieka Anaekwe, MO

I don't need to worry about lawyer cost

Its a huge comfort knowing I can call my provider lawyer and ask for legal help without worrying about the cost each time.

Member, Indiana

It helped me

I am so grateful to be able to consult with an attorney about any legal matter. My phone consultation was beneficial and informative. It helped me make my decision on what to do about a situation.

Julie, Colarado

I feel very confident

It is so great to have help during a terrible situation. I feel very confident that we did the right thing when we purchased a legal plan so many years ago. Thank you.

Cheryl Ann, Texas, C.S.

Thanks again for your help

Thanks again for your help! You took a lot of confusion out of my mind trying to get this straightened out. Thanks for the help when I needed it. Bless you!!!

Kim J, MN


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