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A legal service plan for just $24.95 - $39 per month gets you to access advice and counsel on an unlimited number of personal legal issues from lawyers with an average of 19 years of experience.

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Affordable, Full Legal Coverage

Legal plans cover you, your spouse, and your dependent children

Any pre-existing legal issue

Legal advise, consultation, representation and protection.

Civil lawsuit attorney

File civil suits, discrimination, harassment, defamation, property damage, fraud etc.

Power of attorney

Healthcare poa, durable poa. Get legal advice on choosing a healthcare agent.

Will & trusts writing service

Best legal advice, free document reveiws and even get free updates to your living will every year.

Document Review & Preparation

Unlimited number of Contract/Documents reviewed, Letter/Calls made on your behalf.

Speeding Tickets

Submit your ticket info directly to your lawyer/law firm.

Collections & Warranties

Debt collector harassment/calls, collection notices, repossession, garnishment, warranty breach.

Family Law

Divorce, alimony, adoption, visitation, father's right, name change, prenupital agreement.

Small claims assistance

File the right paperwork, experts guidance for individuals and small businesses.

Small business legal assistance

Unlimited legal consultation/correspondence, debt collection, contract/document review.

Landlord & Tenant Agreements

Disputes, rental issues, renter rights, eviction, property matters.

Auto accident

Personal injury, wrongful death, property destruction, insurance claim.

Commerical driver legal plans

Accident Representation, License Reinstatement, Moving Violations, Other Transportation Related Legal Work.


Document preparation and legal advice, deeds, loan modificatioin, foreclosure.

Identity theft issues

Identity restoration, Identity theft advisor, Credit monitoring, Identity alert system.

Benefits of legal plans

Legal plans can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Why a legal plan is a better choice?

Legal plan vs. Lawyer

Services Legal Plan Lawyer Services
Consultation on unlimited matters, unlimited minutes.

Covers family members at no extra cost.

24/7/365 Emergency access to a law firm near you.

Prepare your Will with yearly updates at no extra cost.

Get up to 50 hours of a Tax attorney`s time.

Covers vehicular manslaughter or negligent homicide.

The perks can help you save enough to pay for your legal plan membership for years.

A mobile app provides instant access to various free legal forms for families and small businesses.

Get up to 25% OFF of an attorney`s fees on any other action not covered.


Worry-free members

To make a very long story as short as I can, I had legal issues when leaving a rental property. I called my [attorney] legal plan and told him my story, and in turn, he gave me advice, and emailed me part of the Renter’s Act and told me what my Landlord’s rights were, and what mine were and suggested things I needed to do. I did as he said, and by the 15th, my entire damage deposit was returned to me by my Landlord.

Member - Nanaimo, BC

We've been a happy member for years, bought it originally for the WILL aspect alone, but as our family grew, we continued on w/our membership. We figured we could easily afford a dollar a day, but we knew we couldn't afford $200,$300 an HOUR! WE now get to flex our legal muscle like the wealthy! Most practical and common sense service we've ever owned. PRICELESS!
Thank you.

Member - Shannon Brown

The service is phenomenal. Protect and empower your family. If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any. I have an entire law firm in my pocket no matter where I am. And it’s affordable.

Member - Terry Tolson

That's affordable, and that they're in most states, and they can help with any situation, and the attorneys they use have been in business over 20 years of service. They are not scams!

Member - Tracy Thomas

I love it when I have a legal issue because I have a Law firm behind me, just a phone call away less than a cup of coffee a day! So you don't have nothing to lose check it out

Member - Nick Spiro Tgiktgis

It gives me the ability to call a law firm and ask for advice on anything that is bothering me, without having to worry about getting a bill for that advice.

Member - Stephanie Butler

I had to appear in traffic court this morning. The court started at 8:30a EST. My attorney asked me which officer wrote my ticket. I pointed him out, she excused herself, went to the officer, and they step out the courtroom. At 8:43a, I'm walking out of the courtroom with my attorney. Ticket dropped, saving me $385. I love my legal plan and my attorney's!!!.

Member - Regina, SK